Lingnan Prism Symposium Series (3.1): “Translation, Travel, and Transmission: The Reception of Chinese Masterworks in the West”

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This online symposium features thirteen papers on the translations of Chinese literary masterpieces in the Western world. Speakers will offer critical reflections on how the major translators have contributed to the dissemination of Chinese culture overseas. 

Hosted by the Centre for Humanities Research and the Department of Chinese, Lingnan University 

Session A – Fiction 

  • Antonio Leggieri, University of Salento/University of Vienna, Austria
  • Lintao Qi, Monash University
  • Thomas J. Mazanec, UC Santa Barbara
  • Sarah Jessi Bramao-Ramos, Harvard University
  • Andrew Schonebaum, University of Maryland
  • Fan Shengyu, Australian National University
  • Daniel Youd, Beliot College, USA 

Date: 10/11 April, 2021
Duration: 2-4 hours
Time: Hong Kong/China: 8:00 (11 April)
Australia (AEST): 10:00 (11 April)
UK (BST): 1:00 (11 April)
Italy and Austria: 2:00 (11 April)
Moscow: 3:00 (11 April)
USA (E): 20:00 (10 April)
USA (W): 17:00 (10 April) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 960 1693 3996
Passcode: 57514017 

Session B – Poetry and Drama 

  • Fusheng Wu, University of Utah
  • Massimiliano Canale, University of Naples, Italy
  • Lin Qingyang, Lingnan University
  • Patricia Sieber, Ohio State University
  • Yulia Dreyzis, Moscow State University
  • Ying Wang, Mount Holyoke College 

Date: 11 April, 2021
Duration: 2-3 hours
Time: Hong Kong/China: 21:00 (11 April)
Australia (AEST): 23:00 (11 April)
UK (BST): 14:00 (11 April)
Italy and Austria: 15:00 (11 April)
Moscow: 16:00 (11 April)
USA (E): 9:00 (11 April)
USA (W): 6:00 (11 April) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 946 0586 6971
Passcode: 06477130

This symposium is under the auspice of a broader project on the dissemination of Chinese culture led by Professor Yuan Xingpei of Peking University. Symposium papers, after successful peer-review, will be published in a volume in the Brill book series Chinese Texts in the World.