Lingnan Prism Symposium Series (2): Between Mobility and Place-making: The Worlds of Southeast Asia in Modern Chinese Literature (2)

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A virtual workshop held over Zoom in three sessions, beginning on March 19 8-10 PM EDT (March 20 8:10 AM SST), held over Zoom (registration required) 

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March 19 (Fri.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 20 8-10 AM SST)] 

David Der-wei Wang (Harvard), “Of Wind, Soil, and Water: The Mesology of Sinophone Southeast Asian Literature ” 

Shuang Shen (PSU), “Mahua and Sinhua Literature as Inter-imperial Formation”  

March 25 (Thu.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 26 8-10 AM SST)] 

Kien Ket Lim (NCTU), “Deconstructing the Sinophone” 

Khor Boon Eng (UTAR), “Counter-discourse: The Strategy of the Minorities Representation in Sinophone Malaysian Literature” 

March 26 (Fri.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 27 8-10 AM SST)] 

Brian Bernards (USC), “The Iridescent Corner: Sinophone Flash Fiction in Singapore” 

Carlos Rojas (Duke), “Becoming Semi-wild: Chang Kuei-hsing’s Monkey Cup”