Conference – Ecowriting: Tradition and Modernity

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Chinese ecological writing is a burgeoning field of study and it has attracted increasing attention both in academia and among common readership. Traditional Chinese wisdom is a rich but under-explored resource, from which intellectuals may find inspiration to address modern ecological crisis. This conference brings leading scholars of Chinese ecocritism to discuss constructive ways, by which people bridge tradition and modernity in dealing with human relationship with nature. Chinese ecological writings will be examined through the frameworks of traditional philosophies and modern conditions.

Conference – Ecowriting: Tradition and Modernity

Date: 16-17 March 2019 | Venue: Paul S. Lam Conference Centre, Lingnan University | Language: Chinese and English | Organized by the Centre for Humanities Research

Corey Byrnes (Northwestern University)
Chia-ju Chang 張嘉如 (Brooklyn College) 
Howard Y. F. Choy 蔡元豐 (Wittenburg University) 
Kiu-wai Chu 朱翹瑋 (Western Sydney University) 
Xi Chen 陳曦 (University of Toronto)
Haomin Gong 龔浩敏 (Lingnan University) 
Sheldon H. Lu 魯曉鵬 (University of California Davis)
Shuyuan Lu 魯樞元 (Huanghe Science of Technology College) 
Yue Meng 孟悅 (University of Toronto)
Xiaoxuan Men 門曉璇 (Macau University of Science and Technology) 
James Miller (Duke Kunshan University) 
Xin Ning 寧欣 (Jilin University) 
Weijie Song 宋偉傑 (Rutgers University) 
Joan Qionglin Tan 譚瓊琳 (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) 
Shu-chin Tsui 崔淑琴 (Bowdoin College)
Shudong Wang 汪樹東 (Wuhan University) 
Zhuoyi Wang 王卓異 (Hamilton College) 
Mary Wong 黃淑嫻 (Lingnan University) 
Winnie Yee 余麗文 (University of Hong Kong) 

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